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In today’s Russia, the majority of freight transportation companies and freight owners are faced with the problem of freight transportation safety protection. The current situation in the freight transportation safety protection field in Russia is described as unstable. Freight theft has become a common type of transport crime. At this stage no statistics of criminal incidents in the freight transportation sector is maintained in Russia, that’s why it is difficult to conduct timely analysis of incidents, and prompt responses to the incidents without preliminary preparation are not an effective measure to combat organized crime.

Freight transportation safety problems concern individuals, businesses, organizations as well as many government agencies and officials. To ensure continuous workflow in this sector of the market, it is necessary to join the efforts of the government and organizations interested in the development of a common information platform.

Regular study, dissemination and improvement of modern technologies and practices in the freight transportation safety protection field and minimization of risks in freight transport are the key objective of the Association.

Implementation of these measures is aimed at the reduction of the number of freight-in-transit theft cases, improvement of the level safety of freight haulers, further improvement of stability and development of the freight transportation market.

The International Business Conference
"Problems and Prospects of a Cargo Transportation Safety"

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